Strategic Sourcing & Spend Optimization

We shall enable you to harness the power from your strengths and will help to make the best use of opportunities. Through this you shall have a unique value proposition - a differentiation to lead the industry. We help you to identify improvement areas in your current spend spectrum that will translate to bottom-line improvement for your firm, with reliable supply-chain securing the firm revenue.

Tail - Spend Management

The range of these items is very wide that needs systematic categorization and formulating suitable strategy to ensure proper management. We have expertise in converting the tail-spend into a source of savings generation. We enable you to focus on your core categories while we take care of said non-core spend.

Sourcing Training and Development Workshops

The metaphorical sharpening of the saw can never go out of fashion. Apart from improving the business skills such as negotiation, our training workshops also help in building positive traits. Our case-study based training modules customized to your business needs shall definitely help you to build stronger competencies.

Turn-key Project Negotiation & Benchmarking Support

While the price is always most important element on the negotiation table, TCO approach is required for a project of wider scope and longer duration encompassing the total cost of ownership. Our experience comes in handy to assist you in tackling critical high value project negotiations. Similarly, we have proven expertise in sourcing of Renewable Energy.

Develop Sourcing Process & Organization Structure

We work with you to design and establish robust process depicting all necessary stepwise actions with exceptions that enables your supply-chain personnel take faster actions. Also, we help you build a well-defined organization structure with clarity of roles and responsibilities and their inter-dependencies. It eliminates redundancies and increases functional efficiency.

Supplier Discovery & Footprint Optimization

Right supplier or service provider selection is like half the sourcing job done. We help you to find suppliers providing good quality products with economical prices. We also ensure that the suppliers use latest technology and business practices. We have special prowess in supplier aggregation for MRO, Multi-year IT contracts, packaging sourcing, 3PL logistics, supplier rationalization, long-term leasing of commercial or Industrial spaces.

Contracts Management

Contract if properly administered can prove to be strategic differentiator. Having an exposure across the length and breadth of the subject of contract management, we are in a unique position to help you realise this potential power. The risks associated with poor management of contracts are too costly to be ignored. Subject matter experts in our team can impart necessary trainings, refine the process flow, implement the best practices and assist in finding suitable technology as well.

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